Nicola Robinson MAR.

         Reflexology Practitioner. Vertical Reflex Practitioner. Baby Reflex Practitioner.

         Relaxation, Mindfulness and Meditation Instructor.

         Youth Mindfulness Kids Programme Teacher.          

         T: 01255 673352      M: 07885 758 196


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  My Blog Page                              


  This page is all about the things that I notice, experience and feel as a Reflexologist. It is in no way factual or meant to be a definitive guide to the benefits of Relexology. I simply would like to share with you my thoughts, observations about Reflexology and how it appears to benefit my clients. This blog is written from the observations made by myself as an holistic therapist and from the feedback that I receive from my clients.

My client base mostly consists of women over the age of forty five. I now have more male clients.

For some reason Reflexology seems to be more popular with women. This could be because many men seem to have the belief that Reflexology is just a pamper treatment. It is true that Reflexology leaves you feeling like you have been pampered but Reflexology is far more than a pamper session.

My client base is also made up of younger women, pregnant women and parents with their new babies and children.  


  My working day begins with preparing my treatment space, warming the towels and making sure everything is a comfortable as it can be for my first client of the day. I truly value my clients and if sometimes they need a little more time I make sure my schedule allows for it. I always work with care and consideration towards each

individual client's needs.

  I receive good positive feedback and I enjoy seeing the changes in people when they have Reflexology regularly.

  So what is regularly? It varies hugely, some clients come three weekly, some monthly, two monthly or just a couple of times a year. Everyone is different. It is and has to be about what suits the individual.


 The most striking changes I notice on a day to day basis is the way people, over time, learn to relax and enjoy their

 time in the therapy chair. For me this is very rewarding. Carrying out a Reflexology treatment on a unrelaxed client still works for the client but it works a whole lot better if the therapist can encourage their client into the state we call the relaxation response.

   Sometimes at first  it can be a  challenge for the client and the therapist but the benefits of true

relaxation are immense.

Relaxation is so important for wellbeing. The body does not take kindly to being under stress, worry and the constant need to be "doing". Reflexology can help balance all of that. Your body is like a plant, feed it, water it, nurture it wih the right conditions and love and it will flourish and give you joy. Do the opposite to yourself and your health will suffer, your immune system will become weaker leaving you prone to illnesses.

This is on a physical level but take a moment to think about the emotional response to pain, sadness, illness and stress and the body/mind connection.

Reflexology offers the tools to balance people. Relexologists work with a set of Reflexology relaxation techniques that they use all through the treatment in addition to working the reflexes that correspond to the organs and systems of the body. We are in the "Balancing Zone" with Reflexology. Balancing areas of the body and mind that become unbalanced with illness, stress, anxiety, injury, pregnancy, emotional trauma and general changes in life that happen to us all at different stages of our lives.

 When I work with an individual I adapt my Reflexology knowledge to suit that person. Each treatment is different, each person is different. You might be 4 weeks old or 84 years old.


My latest reward this month has been to see the smile on a mother's face as she gave her teething baby a Reflexology treatment using the techniques that I taught her.  Bless him, he relaxed and fell asleep and his cheeks were less red.