Nicola Robinson MAR.

         Reflexology Practitioner. Vertical Reflex Practitioner. Baby Reflex Practitioner.

         Relaxation, Mindfulness and Meditation Instructor.

         Youth Mindfulness Kids Programme Teacher.          

         T: 01255 673352      M: 07885 758 196


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Baby Reflex is Reflexology for Babies. It has been developed as a set of specially adapted Reflexology techniques that Parents and Grandparents can use on their baby.


It is a natural, non-invasive and nurturing therapy that aims to strengthen and develop the natural loving bond between parent, grandparent and child.


It is suitable for babies from the age of one month and involves using gentle finger tip and thumb strokes on the feet on specific areas. It promotes balance and relaxation.

A relaxed baby copes better with the many changes of development in the early months of life.


Baby Reflexology calms and soothes your baby's digestive and teething discomforts. Little tummies are happier when regular.


Baby Reflex 4 Toddlers .. this has been been developed with accompanying nursery rhymes to encourage interaction during special short treatment sessions throughout the day. Aiming to strengthen the "loving Bond"

Toddler Reflexology is given on toddler's hands.

These short treatments may become part of your baby's and toddler's daily routine.


I offer training on a one to one basis to parents in their own homes, at my treatment centre in Walton on the Naze, Essex CO14 8NN and classes in local venues.

Why not get a group of  friends who have a baby or toddler of a similar age to your own child and host the sessions in your own home.

I would suggest no more than 4 parents and their children inclusive of yourself and your child.

Please go to the contact Nicola page to send me an email or phone for information and booking





Baby Reflex


The founder of Baby Reflex, Jenny Lee MCSP MAR is a  chartered Physiotherapist and a qualified

Reflexologist and Teacher.

To find out more about Baby Reflex.

Please visit there is a very

interesting feature about Reflux.





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